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Splitter Gates

Splitter gate

The CFS Splitter Gate consists of a swivel chute and a divided hopper box. By using the knifeblade splitter you have the flexibility to blend your products.

Coarse and fine materials are blended together in proper proportions.

Manual Splitter

Manual Splitter

Using the knifeblade splitter gate allows you the flexibility to blend your products to meet your specific needs.

The blending of coarse and fine materials together allows you to get the proper proportions you desire.

Splitter Flow

Representation of the CFS Splitter Gate operation

Animated Splitter

Automated Splitter

Automated Splitter

CFS Automated Splitter Gate controls separation and blends automatically. CFS uses a Blend on the Run technology for single tank systems and new system of “Flow Control” with Multi-tank blend systems.

Auto Gates are adjusted based on coarser or finer gradation and proportions required. A PLC automation system is required for proper operation.