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The CFS Density Separator is a hydraulic classification device consisting of an upper paralleled-walled section of square or rectangular cross-section, and a lower section consisting of one or more pyramidal discharge units. A rising current of water is established over the entire area of the upper unit by injection of a pre-determined flow through a series of nipple style spray pipes located at the junction of the upper and lower sections. These nipple spray pipes are installed to direct the flow of water straight down.

Technology, Consistency, Innovation

Sand plant technology and classification of sand has changed very little in the past fifty years, until the CFS Density Separator. A CFS Density Separator allows you to:

  • Produce the required fineness modulus with higher sand recovery.

  • Save important screen size fractions critical to product specifications.

  • Make specification sand from mining areas that sand classification tanks were unable to upgrade.

  • Remove excess size fractions with maximum recovery and minimum waste.

  • Low water requirements.

  • Low maintenance costs.

  • Few moving parts.

Whether a new plant or modifying an existing plant, a CFS Density Separator will work best at meeting your classifying needs.

When it comes to achieving maximum recovery, minimum waste, and ease of producing specification product, the CFS Density Separator will put you in control with new technology.

Density Separator



Principles of Operation

Principles of Operation

How it Works

How it Works

Automated Blending

Automated Blending

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