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CFS designs and builds high tech wet processing plants to beneficiate minerals and classify sands, such as concrete (lignite free), mason, manufactured, frac, golf course, foundry, industrial, and construction sands. The CFS system incorporates very efficient wet classification equipment such as density separators, hydrocyclones, dewatering screens and automated “Blend on the Run” PLC systems to produce maximum yield and minimum waste.

Through innovative design and unparalleled engineering prowess, the CFS Density Separator has revolutionized sand and mineral classification. This high-capacity hindered settling classifier includes automatic control features that provide steady, sharp classification customized to your plant’s needs.

When it comes to achieving maximum recovery, minimum waste, and ease of producing spec sand products, CFS will put you in control with superior technology and unexcelled classification.  CFS uses density separation, hydrocyclones, dewatering screens and blending systems to produce the highest yield to product.

Classification & Floatation Systems

Basic Flow


  • Sieve analysis

  • Attrition scrubbing testing

  • Flow diagram development

  • Plant design and detail

  • Tower fabrication and erection

  • Plumbing installation

Grades of Sand:

  • 20×40 Mesh

  • 30×50 Mesh

  • 40×70 Mesh

  • 50×140 Mesh

  • 70×140 Mesh

*All sands generally two sand with maximum of 10% misplaced.


SeparatorsDensity Separators

Frac Sand

PlantsFrac Sand Plants

Fines Recovery

SystemsCFS Fines Recovery


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