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Multiple CFS Density Separators and Autogates being controlled by a PLC. CFS blends fine and coarse fractions together in wet high percent slurries. Flowability of wet slurries are much more consistent than damp sticky sand fractions blended after the fact. CFS uses both Blend on the Run and Flow Control Technology to produce the most accurate blended sands in world.

Automated Splitter

Automatic Sump

Automated Blend Gates

Head box Automation is used to split feed between two production lines.

Automatic Sump level control plays vital role automated systems

System controls separation and blend Automatically.

“Blend on the Run” Technology

Automated Blend Gate Interface

Example of “Blend on the Run” Technology

CFS single tank blend system based on coarser or finer gradation Autogates are automatically adjusted by PLC system controls.

Density Separator PLC Interface

Density Separator is a particle analyzer which measures coarser and finer feeds as they happen.

CFS uses the Density Separator instrumentation input to change the rate of blend on a real time basis.