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Classifying Tank

Superior technology is reflected in the many benefits of the CFS Density Separator.

This is just a short list of advantages our product has over traditional sand classifying tanks.

Density Separator

Classifying Tank

CFS Density Separator

Classifying Tank

  • The “next generation” in technology, delivering superior performance

  • Dated technology, offering poor classification capabilities.

  • Maximum yield to saleable products; minimum waste.

  • Lower yield and higher waste.

  • Low maintenance cost – cost per ton of production approaches zero.

  • More required maintenance means higher costs.

  • F.M. control is simple — cut point is easily changed from control room.

  • Less F.M. control.

  • Allows you to produce two or more sands at one time.

  • Makes only two products, plus waste stream.

  • Few moving parts. Generally only one.

  • Many moving parts and manually adjusted linkages.

  • Easily creates specialty sands: golf course, foundry, glass, frac, filter, blast grit.

  • No ability to make specialty sands without substantial losses.

  • Operates automatically without any personnel.

  • Needs to be programmed and continuously monitored.

  • Not sensitive to changes in feed gradation or feed rate, up to rated capacity.

  • Large swings in feed analysis require operational changes.

  • Very high production rates, with low water demand.

  • High water demand.

  • Compact footprint.

  • Large footprint – high static load.

A more Detailed Comparison available here.