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DSM Screens

DSN Screen

DSM Screen Features:

  • Compact, Self contained unit

  • Evenly disbursed feed w/ double divided discharge

  • 80″ radius x 60 degree sieve bend screen

  • Long lasting ppolyurethane panels or stainless steel wire

  • Rigid screen box frame construction

  • (Optional) Timed Vibra motors

  • Floor mount reversing/turning mechanism

  • Standard models 5′ and 10′ feeding width

DSM Screen at Work

DSM Screen Advantages:

  • Very efficient separaton with sharp cut

  • Sluice box evenly distributes material over the screen

  • Able to rotate sieve bend screen for longer life services

  • Uses self sharpening stainless profile screen

DSM Polyuretane Screen

Polyurethane DSM Panels

Effective Water Cutting Design

Molded tapered openings are perfect for efficient material screening. On site comparisons vs stainless profile screens are extremely encouraging in the screen’s water scalping ability. Also simply much better wear with consistent performance.

Lasts Longer

The CFS design outwears profile wire by up to six times, and needs to be turned only 1/5 as often as profile wire. Most corrosive materials don’t attack urethane.

Less Work – Less Downtime

The long lasting urethane screen panel mounts on a durable stainless steel frame. There is simply less work with a urethane sieve screen. With a CFS DSM screen you will have dramatic, cost-effective increases in wear life and equally dramatic decreases in downtime.

Choices of Opening Size

The screen surfaces are available in 1/2mm, 3/4mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm openings. Screen is one for one change out with stainless steel profile screen.