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Missouri Sand

  • The Feedwell Radially Distributes Feed 360 Degrees Into The Seperator.

  • There Are Elutriation Spray Bars Across The Density Separator. This Water Keeps The Bed Of Material Active.

  • A Bed Of Material Is Established In The Tank. This Level Is The Sorting Zone.

  • The Higher The Level The Coarser The Separation. The Lower The Level The Finer The Separation.

  • Density Separator Discharge

  • Overflow: Fine

  • Underflow: Coarse

Semsity Separator

The Density Separator is basically a hindered settling classifier with automatic control features that provide steady, sharp classification irrespective of extreme variations in dry tons per hour of feed solids up to the design maximum throughput for the particular material being treated. The size and capacities of commercially available units and operating data comprise the scope of the paper. Applications of the unit for other than classification are proposed, i.e. washing and desliming.

The Density Separator, an automated hydraulic classification device, is characterized by sharp, controllable classification in the particle size range of 0.841 mm to 0.074mm (20 mesh to 200 mesh Tyler). The unit is not sensitive to changes in dry solids feed rates from zero tons per hour up to the maximum design capacity. A relatively constant volumetric feed rate is required, however, and the percent solids by weight in the feed slurry is maintained at or below design maximum by control of dilution water.

Classification Control

The classification cut point is established by upward current water flow and the specific gravity setting of the control unit. In general,increasing values of specific gravity and upward-current water flow will result in a coarser mesh of separation while decreasing these values will produce the opposite effect. Slight changes in classification are accomplished by a change in the specific gravity setting, while a change of a full mesh size requires a change in the upward-current water flow rate.

Dp Cell