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Fines Recovery

Each CFS system is a custom designed for each application, with the best possible components for each stage of the process.  The CFS design is a primary fines recovery system incorporating only mechanical means – pump, cyclones and high g force dewatering screen.  CFS designs a low turbulence sump with feedwell and a highly efficient heavy duty pump into each system.  This provides the proper pressure to each cyclone.  This system re-covers 50 – 65% of fine slurry destined for your pond.  Unlike other systems on the market, CFS believes in recovery down only to 270 to 400 mesh with highly efficient 10″, 15″ or 20″ Hydrocyclones.  These cyclones are designed with 1″ thick liners and apexes from 3/4″ and larger.  Many competitive systems try to recover down to 400 – 500 mesh with the use of 4″ and 6″ cyclones with complicated distributors and small apexes that plug.  These small cyclones require the use of costly chemicals and create pond problems.  The CFS System is a simple, straightforward system that works trouble free.

CFS Fines Recovery

The CFS Fines Recovery System is user friendly and low in maintenance cost. It has been designed specifically for the Aggregate industry and does not require a process engineer to operate. The system recovers fines day in and day out without the hassles of the multi cyclone systems, Consequently the maintenance wear and operating cost are generally much less.

Fines Recovery

CFS has developed a primary waste recovery system for removal

of solids down to 170-400 Mesh.

Fines Recovery allows:

  • Reduce pond maintenance and pond cleaning cost.

  • Make saleable by-product or add back product.

  • Low horsepower requirements

  • Low maintenance and wear cost

  • Self contained system, easy installation

  • No expensive chemicals, discharge will still settle in pond


  • High speed

  • High G force

  • Modular polyurethane flat deck

  • Variable angle up to 5 degrees

  • Adjustable dam

  • Heavy duty, stress relieved screen body and decking

  • Low horsepower

Fines Recovery System


  • Extremely dry discharge

  • Low % moisture

  • Low wear and maintenance cost

  • Maximum recovery

  • Minimum waste

  • System runs trouble free and does not plug like 4″ and 6″ cyclones

Extremely Dry Discharge

  • Next Generation of recovery tools

  • Efficient rubber lined pump

  • Quick winter drainage

  • Capture 1/2 to 2/3 of solids going to pond

  • double to triple the life of your settling ponds