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  • Design and Construction of Frac Sand Plants

  • CFS Fines Recovery Systems

  • CFS DSM Screens for  Lightweight Removal


CFS Dewatering Screen

Dewatering Screen with Scavenger Cyclone Dewatering screens on multi fraction sand plant

The Intensive Dewatering Screen is uniquely designed with an up slope of 5° and either 1200 or 1800 RPM’s. This creates a substantial bed depth which both squeezes and packs the dewatered material. The percentage moisture content is generally ½ that of sand screws.

Dewatering Screen Proven Applications:

  • Golf Course
  • Foundry
  • Glass
  • Asphalt
  • Plaster
  • Frac
  • Concrete
  • Mason
  • Filter
  • Block
  • Silica
  • Manufactured


Dewater construction and industrial sands
  • Dewater fines recovery system
  • Dewater ahead of attrition scrubber
  • Manufactured sand fines removal –200 mesh
  • Coarse or fine material washer


Dewatering Screen Advantages:

Concrete Sand Plant
Dewatering Screens Allow:
  • Extremely dry Discharge
  • Low Percent Moisture
  • Ship Material same or next day
  • Low horsepower requirements
  • Low maintenance and wear cost
  • Very high capacity per unit

Dewatering Screens Advantages:

  • Machine packs and squeezes material
  • Able to handle heavy loading
  • Excells on finer sands
  • Maximum recovery
  • Minimum waste
  • Actually more product vs. weir type
  • Half the moisture of screws
  • Excellent under CFS System
  • Quicker winter drainage
    (20 Minutes vs. 2 hours)
  • Able to stack more material with
  • Same equipment (Up to 25% more)

Components and Parts

Dewatering screens are well proven in all types of construction and industrial sands. CFS Dewatering screens will handle more tonnage and outperform any dewatering screen on the market.

Trunnion Spring MountTrunnion Spring Mounts High Speed Vibra MotorsHigh Speed Vibra Motors Adjustable Dam Dewatering ScreenAdjustable Dam

Massive Tube and Channel ConstructionMassive Tube and Channel ConstructionHeavy Duty Polyurethane DeckingHeavy Duty Polyurethane Decking

Dewatering Screen Schematic