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  • Design and Construction of Frac Sand Plants

  • CFS Fines Recovery Systems

  • CFS DSM Screens for  Lightweight Removal


CFS Cyclones

CFS Cyclones are involute entry design for low pressure operation. The cyclone presorts materials prior to entry into the cyclone. The design is modular to isolate wear. Each cyclone is made of cast urethane with steel exterior. Most CFS cyclones have a full thickness of one inch, which gives our cyclones some of the best wear characterists in the business. With the combination of highly efficient preformance and extremely low maintance, the CFS Cyclone provides years of trouble free service.

Cyclone Construction Cyclone Dewater and DeslimesCFS Cyclones are made from only the best materials and can easily be broken down for maintenance.

CFS produces the following sizes for any application:
6”   9”   10”   12”   15”   18”   20”  24”   26”  30”

CFS 2600 Cyclones have been proven in the following applications:

Primary Dewatering Cyclones

Dewaters Product up
to 65%-75% solids

Side Mounted Cyclone

Maximum Product Recovery
Better than going
over a weir.

Gravity Cyclone Use Gravity As Your Pump

Remove Contamination
Provides desliming and
clay removal.


Gravity Cyclones

Gravity Cyclone Use Gravity As Your Pump

CFS Gravity Cyclones allow you to:

Use Gravity As Your Pump

Establish the required PSI by using
the height of your tower.

Dewater Product

Dewaters product up to 65%-75% solids

Remove Contamination

Provides desliming and clay removal.


Stockpile Cyclones

Cyclone Stockpiling

Cyclone Stockpiling allows you to:

  • Dewater, deslime and
    stockpile products.
  • Create large stockpiles without
    belts or conveyors.
  • Create a simple, low cost, but effective
    way to stockpile sand products.

Recovery Cyclones

Reduce Loss With Recovery Cyclones

Recovery Cyclones allows you to:


  • Recover any loss of material
    in tailings or deck threws
  • Reduces pond maintenance
    and pond cleaning cost.
  • Recover lost solids down to
    400 Mesh or 37 micron.