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  • Design and Construction of Frac Sand Plants

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  • CFS DSM Screens for  Lightweight Removal

Sand Comparison

Sand Comparison

The innovative design of the Density Separator delivers a host of benefits: efficiency, control and versatility. In addition to unparalleled sand and mineral classification, it provides cutting-edge performance in de-watering, de-sliming, washing and lightweight removal.


Density Separator Frac Sand

CFS Density Separator Classifying Tank
The “next generation” in technology, delivering superior performance. Dated technology, offering poor classification capabilities.
Maximum yield to saleable products; minimum waste. Lower yield and higher waste.
Low maintenance cost – cost per ton of production approaches zero. More required maintenance means higher costs.
F.M. control is simple — cut point is easily changed from control room. Less F.M. control.
Allows you to produce two or more sands at one time. Makes only two products, plus waste stream.
Few moving parts. Generally only one. Many moving parts and manually adjusted linkages.
Easily creates specialty sands: golf course, foundry, glass, frac, filter, blast grit. No ability to make specialty sands without substantial losses.
Operates automatically without any personnel. Needs to be programmed and continuously monitored.
Not sensitive to changes in feed gradation or feed rate, up to rated capacity. Large swings in feed analysis require operational changes.
Very high production rates, with low water demand. High water demand.
Compact footprint. Large footprint – high static load.