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CFS Video


Classification Flotation Systems Sand Plant Tour

CFS video gallery of several sand plant around the United States. The videos show the many capabilities of the CFS System. It features several video plant tours of the CFS Density Separator, cyclones, blend gates, and Dewatering Screens performing in aggregate and mining applications:

Density Separator System with 
Lignite Removal and Dewatering Screen

CFS 10’x10′ Density Separator Dredge Feed Plant
With Dewatering Screens



CFS 8’X8’Density Separator
With Lignite Removal


CFS 15″X15″ Pilot
Density Separator
Coal Slag


Fines Recovery System by CFS


CFS 10’X20′ Density Separator Sand Plant
With Dewatering Screens 


Michigan Foundry
Sand Plant


Fines Recovery System by CFS


CFS Density Separator
Existing Plant Upgrade
75 stph -to- 400 stph


8’X8′ Density Separator  Floating Dredges
With Dewatering Screen


CFS 500 stph automated Blending Plant